Original Fly Patterns Designed By Guy Turck

By Guy Turck •  Updated: 11/06/22 •  2 min read

The following fly patterns have been designed by myself and represent some of my personal favorites. Click on “Recipe” for detailed instructions on how to make each fly pattern.

Turck Tarantula Fly

An all-purpose and very versatile attractor pattern. It works well dry or wet, twitched or dead drifted, in moving and still water. They are especially good at attracting large trout.
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Power Ant Fly

You’ll never realize how much trout love ants unless you fish them all the time. The Power Ant is, to my knowledge, first attractor ant pattern and can be fished anytime you would fish a general attractor.
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Snake Drake Fly

This Wulff style attractor pattern was designed to better simulate a variety of mayfly duns than was otherwise possible with existing attractor patterns. It is best described as a blend of match-the-hatch and attractor pattern design.
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Compower Dun Fly

Based on the outstanding Comparadun pattern, the Compower Dun extends the usefulness and fishablity of the original using a combination of slightly different materials and construction techniques.
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Note to skeptics: While most of the above patterns are undisputedly original, some, inspired by existing patterns, are important variations. Whether you consider such variations truly original or not, they are significantly distinct enough to, in my opinion, bear the “original” label.