Top Ten Excuses Used By Fly Fishing Guides When The Fishing Is Lousy

By Guy Turck •  Updated: 11/08/22 •  1 min read

Reasons The Fly Fishing Sucks From Least To Greatest

10. The river’s too high.
9.  The river’s too low.
8.  I can’t believe he didn’t eat that fly.
7.  Was there a chemical spill this morning?
6.  It’s a biological wasteland out here.
5.  These trout must have lockjaw.
4.  There must have been a full moon last night.
3.  Apparently, the barometric pressure is dropping.
2.  You’re not holding your tongue right.

Annnnnnd (drum roll please), the number one excuse used by fishing guides when the fishing is lousy…

1.  You should have been here yesterday.